Andhra Pradesh

Over a period of time, Andhra Pradesh is renowned for its unique combination of Hindu and Mughal architecture in India. The Indian State carries a significant pride of heritage in itself with subtle effortlessness. Being one of the largest states in India, Andhra Pradesh is surrounded by several monuments that signify the pride of the country with positivity.

Hyderabad is the main center of Andhra Pradesh with Telugu being its most spoken language. The state has earned its significance through its rich history of times and culture. Andhra Pradesh has always been renowned for its cotton and silk work. Pochmpli is the most popular art of weaving.

The respective state of India, Andhra Pradesh has acquired its niche as being the perfect host to the world of tourism. The state is an ideal tourist attraction for it draws every attention effectively. Among other attractions in the state, Golkunda fort is particularly the most visited place in this city. People and the tourist can view the whole city from the top of this fort.

Revered as one of the most auspicious pilgrimage of Hindu religion, Tirupati temple is nicely placed in Chittor district. Devotees from all around the world and all walks of life visit the holy place to offer their prayers. One of the richest places in India for culture and nature alike, Andhra Pradesh has several lakes and water falls to visit. Ethipothala fall is an exotic picnic spot with various sightseeing places around.

Despite its natural exoticness, the state has various features to offer its guests who have extra penchant for shopping spree. The state has immense aspects of shopping to offer to its guests on whole. Laad Bazar is an ideal market place for tourists in the city. Among other attractions, Bangles are the main attraction of this market. Malls and other shops are also available which cater every type of necessary things of your choice. After shopping when you feel tired and hungry, Hyderabadi Biryani will work for you. There are many reputed restaurants who serve the delicious biryani. Spread in a large area NTR gardens in Hyderabad is the main attraction of the city. One may experience wild life very closely by doing jeep safari. Beaches, river and hills complete the Andhra Pradesh.

Area : 276,754 sq km
Capital : Hyderabad
Languages : Telugu and Urdu
Population : 7.57 crores
Literacy : 45.11
Inflation : 10.3%
Highest peak : Mahendragiri
Rivers : Krishna and Godavari
Power : (Installed Capacity) 6110 MW
Industrial employment : 8.5 lakhs
No. of Industrial units : 21,028
People per telephone : 117.5
Domestic Airports : 4
Roads Surfaced : 72,232
Roads Unsurfaced : 83, 679
Railways : 5,046 Kms
Climate Hot and humid
Summer 41 C to 20 C Winter 32 C to 13C Monsoon June to December
Annual Rainfall 125 cm
Best Time to visit October to February