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Situated in north east of India, Assam is renowned for its exotic nature, culture, history, and wildlife. Assamese people are considered to be polite, creative, and possess inclination for arts and music. Guwahati is the capital of Assam and Bihu is the folk dance of the state. The renowned Brahmaputra River offers an additional charm of elegance in an effortless manner.

Assam truly has everything which made this state prosperous in terms of tourism. Guwahati Platinum is an exotically interesting place which caters diligent aspects of reliability and auspiciousness.

The state has a special feature to offer to its tourists in the guise of astronomy. In fact, astronomy is believed to have been a groundbreaking feature of attraction in the state. Chandubi Lake in Assam is a magnificent aspect of tourism which gives sheer pleasure of a timeless adventure. The very lagoon provides good option for fishing to its tourists.

Cole Park is another essential tourist destination of Assam. The surroundings of this park are calm and itís an ideal place to be for the people seeking a quality peaceful time. They may spend their time relaxing and believing other venture of human life. Being one of the most religious states of India, Assam is an ideal spiritual place of the country. Kamakhya temple and Navgraha temple are two prime sacred places in the heart of Assam. Bihu is the popular festival of Assam which is celebrated amid various religious activities followed by Bihu dance performance. Assamese also celebrate kali puja, janmashtami, laxmi and saraswati puja.

Tourists will find cuisine of Assam different from the other states. Assamese are both vegetarian and non vegetarian. People are vulnerable to feel a touch of other countries in their cuisine and food. Assamese use rice in different ways to make dishes and non vegetarian people prefer to eat fish most. They also use herbs in their food.

Tourists may spot handloom weaving centers in the city. In fact, Assam is the state which supplies more weaving work in the country. Things made from bamboo and cane, jewelry, paintings are other specialties of Assam.