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Bihar is known for its tradition and culture and for the art and craft. But it is well known as a place of Gautam Buddha. It is believed that, Gautam Buddha decided to live in Bihar and spread the education of wisdom in all over the country. Bodhgaya is pilgrimage center in Bihar and People visit there to learn Buddhism. Someone can find out many monasteries related to this religion. In Bodhgaya, there is statue of Gautam Buddha which is 25 meter high.

Besides Buddhism monasteries, temples of Hindu religion are the tremendous part of Bihar. Bari Patan Devi temple and Ma Paudi temple are the sacred places of Hindu religion in Bihar.

Chhath puja is considered as a very important festival in Bihar. Women of Bihar perform this festival and come out in their best apparels and sing the songs. Bihari people celebrate all festivals like other Indians with all customs.

Tourists must visit to the forts of Bihar. These forts represent the history of this state. Rohtasgarh fort is the most popular monument because it is related to the Sher Shah Suri. All historical monuments have great stories behind it. The architecture and location of these forts and palaces attract the people.

Bihari people have an art of cooking and you can see it in their cuisine. They prefer spicy food and the pickles are the best examples of their art. Pickles of red chilies and green chilies are famous and people of other states like it. Mostly people in Bihar eat rice with pulses, vegetables and curries. Madhubani paintings, wood inlay, stone craft and printed textiles are famous art of Bihar.