Pondicherry – The Europe of India

It was during my stay in Hyderabad I utilized an opportunity to visit Pondicherry along with my friend Bhattacharya and his wife for the first time. Later on I had gone there few times on weekend tours, sometimes with my cousins of Bangalore or friends from Delhi. Last time I visited this town was a few years back when I had gone to my brother’s home at Bangalore. We were three in the group. My elder brother, sister-in-law and me. The day before the journey we engaged a cab. It was on a weekend summer morning of mid-July we started our journey and within no time we were on NH 46 the highway that will take us to Pondicherry. We went past beautiful scenic beauties on both sides of the highway. Our cab followed the shortest and best route of Bangalore – Mysore – Krishnagiri – Vellore – argot – cheyyar – vandavasi – tindivanam – Pondicherry. After a stopover for breakfast at Vellore and coffee breaks enroute we reached Pondicherry covering a distance of nearly 381 km in six and half hours.

On the southeast Coromandel Coast of India is Pondicherry the other name for Puducherry With the advent of French colonial powers the place came into prominence. It used to be a place for trade and business with India that was exploited by the Romans and French. French found the place suitable from business point of view and arrived gradually in large numbers and established their colony here. Later on the local administration of the town was taken over by the representatives of the French Government. Till 1954 it was a French colony The buildings, memorials, churches, monuments and statues reflect architectural patterns as in European cities and scrupulously followed by the French colonials. Being a coastal town Pondicherry attracts tourists from all over India and abroad. The place suits both category of people, those who want to enjoy beach holidays or those who want to witness the cultural heritage of French colonialism. Presence of many colonial buildings and churches made it look like a European city and for this reason it is popularly known as The Europe of India.