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Being a part of India, chhasttisgarh is rich in heritage and nature. It has everything like other states and because of this; it is one of the beautiful tourist destination. Bilaspur, Champaran and Bastar are the places of touristís interest. Chhattisgarh is full of ancient monuments and tribal people. One can find Gond tribes in Batsar.

Dantewada is a beautiful place in Batsar. It is full of forest and river moreover picturesque hills and valley attract the people. Danteshwari is a famous temple in Dantewada. You may also enjoy the ancient monuments there. A few km away from Raipur, Champaran is famous for saint Vallabhacharya temple. This holy temple is a prayer assembly for thousands of devotees and they celebrate the birthday of saint Vallabhacharya every year on a grand scale.

Chhasttisgarh offers wild life sanctuaries to adventure loving people. Tourists can go these sanctuaries and can get the thrilling experiences. Indravati National park, Sanjay National Park and Kanger Valley National Park are the renowned sanctuaries of this state. These sanctuaries are rich in flora and fauna and different animal species. Waterfalls, rivers, temples, and old historic places are the places which add the beauty to this state.

Abhuj Maria, gonds, Dhurvaa are some tribes of Chhattisgarh. These tribal people live in villages and survive their lives by doing agriculture. The culture and tradition of tribal people made them popular around the world.

Dhokra is a famous art of Chhattisgarh. Hotels are available for the tourists. Maurya hotel in Raipur, Royal palace in Kanker and Rainbow Hotel in Jagdlpur are good hotels in Chhattisgarh.