Surajkund Lake

The Surajkund Lake is just 20 kilometers from the heart of Delhi. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not a lake but a man-made reservoir. The name in Hindi means 'Reservoir of the Sun'. The Rajput King Surajpal built it in the pre-Sultanate days. The tentative date of its construction is believed to be around 10th century. The Tomaras were the first people to revitalize Delhi. Surajkund is the place where the Tomar Rajput settled before building the Lal Kot, the second city of Delhi

Surajkund got its name after a famous sun temple, which is said to stand here once. But some historians also claim that it was named after the King himself. The tank is on a semi-circular pattern and has steps that lead to the water. It is not a 'dead' reservoir; the rains still keep it pretty full of water. But apart from the monsoons, the place remains dry. Feroze Shah Tughlaq repaired its embankments in the fourteenth century. It is said that he was a lunatic and once took the work of repairing all the existing monuments in the then Delhi.

Surajkund, with its serene surroundings and beauty, is now a popular picnic spot for Delhites. This place is not only visited by the locals but is very popular among the foreign backpackers too. Surajkund is also the site of a major crafts festival held annually in February. Though people visit Surajkund just for the daytime but an overnight stay in any of the guesthouse is a good idea to escape from the madding crowd. Besides exploring the lake, you can also have a closer look into the life of the local community.

The place is so full of gathering life time experience, excitement and memories to hold that once you step in Surajkund, you donít feel like going back, so the place also offers a guest house where you can enjoy a nightís stay amidst all the living in facilities and campfire and extend your fun filled day and relaxation therapy to more fun and frolic into the nights time as well.