Crafts Museum Delhi

The Crafts Museum is situated at Pragati Maidan area of New Delhi. It displays Indian handicrafts and offers first-hand experience of craftsmen at work. Some of the most rare and exquisite pieces of art and craft, collected selectively from all over India, are the prized possessions of the museum. Established in 1956 with an aim to showcase and promote the works of native artisans, it had over 20,000 objects on display by early 1980s. The distinctive architectural display of Indian villages and authentically constructed mud huts, adorned with folk art and tribal exhibits, such as woodcarvings, paintings, paper-mache and embroidery, attract the tourists very much.

One can even see the full-sized wooden haveli from Gujarat at the museum. The Crafts Museum Shop in the complex is also worth visiting. The museum has been subdivided into several specialized galleries, including the Tribal and Rural Craft Gallery, Gallery of Courtly Crafts, Textile Gallery and Gallery of Popular Culture. There is a reference section too, which is of great help to the scholars, designers and crafts persons. The live demonstrations of producing and making of folk arts and crafts are amazing. Interested people can also buy souvenirs, such as the ritual objects, ornaments, rugs, shawls and books, either from the craftsmen or from the museum.