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Sariska National Park

Established : 1936 as a national park, India's first (named Hailey National Park; In 1957 renamed Corbett National Park), 1973 as a tiger reserve.

The historical place of launch of Project Tiger in 1973, Jim Corbett National Park has a very diverse flora and fauna. It is a delight for the avid wildlife lovers across the world. This India's finest National Parks covers an area of 52,082 hectares and has the Tiger, Indian Elephant and Leopard as its major assets. The Ramganga river drains the Corbett National Park , which is a large low valley in itself. The river is rich in the magnificent mahaseer. Along the high banks of Dhangarhi Gate and Dhikala, several Marsh Crocodile and the Gharial Crocodile can also be seen. It also ideal for bird watchers as more than 500 species of birds are recorded in this park.

Best Time to Visit : Mid November-Mid June, the best period being February-April.

Getting There
Corbett lies some 300 km to the North East of Delhi. From Delhi drive to Corbett (6-7 hours). The nearest airport is Pantnagar (2.5 hours) and the nearest railway station is Ramnagar (2 hours from Dhikala).