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Citizens of Gujarat are called Guajarati and they speak Gujarati language. Their food, art and craft, clothes show the tradition and culture of the city. Being the part of India, festivals and worships are important for them. In the street of Gujarat one can see temples, mosques and gurudwaras. And for this reason Gujarat is called a multicultural city. People of this state are simple and traditional. Lehanga-choli for girls and Kedia for boys is the traditional dress of Gujarat. Gujarati people love sweets; therefore they add a little sugar in the food, Khakhra, Dhokla and Theple are famous in india. Gujarat provides a lot in terms of tourism. There are museums, mosques, lakes, temples and tombs. Ghandhi smarak sanghralaya, balvatika, and Swami Narayan temple are places to visit Ahmadaba.

People of Gujarat are experts in hand made work. Their artistry can be seen in wooden work, glass work and painting. Moreover handwork in attires and unique jewelries fascinates the tourist.

In Gujarat also, people celebrate all festivals. In Janmashtmi temples of Gujarat look sensational. They celebrate the birth of lord Krishna with pomp and show and on this occasion they play Garba, a folk dance of this state. Navratri is another festival which Guajarati people celebrate enthusiastically. In Navratri, people play Dandia for nine days, wearing traditional dresses and jewelries.

Dwarka in Gujarat is a hindu pilgrimage, and many tourists come Gujarat to have a glimpse of this sacred place. Gir National Park in this state is another tourist attraction place. people who love adventure must visit to this wild life sanctuary.