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Haryana is a small state of India. It touches the border area of Punjab and Delhi. Earlier it was the part of Punjab but in 1964 government declared it the state of India. Main occupation of the people of this state is agriculture. Travelers can spot mustered fields in Haryana. Haryanvi people are vegetarian, they neither eat meat nor consume alcohol, however there are some people who are non-vegetarian and also drink. But all Haryanvi love milk and milk products such as curd, butter, buttermilk and ghee.

Pottery, embroidery, handloom and weaving are far famed art of Haryana. Phulkari work of this state is popular and only female artists do this type of embroidery on textiles. Shawls, bedsheets, mats, leather shoes are the attraction of the markets.

Haryana’s heritage is also rich in dance and music, Ras leela is a popular dance of its people. Loor and Phag are other dances which they perform occasionally. Folk music is old tradition of this state. Ragas like bhairavi, Khamaj and kafi are still in practice here. People use musical instruments like Dholak, manjira and shehnai and sing their folk songs.

Surajkund Mela of Haryana is well known fair among the tourists. One can see a great exhibition of handmade work of the local people. You can purchase beautiful sculptures, paintings, pots, shawls, and other interesting things at a reasonable price. This fair attracts the people and a large crowd can be seen there.

Kurukshetra in Haryana is a holy place because it is believed that the fight of Mahabharat had fought here. So every year people celebrate kurukshetra festival here.