Jammu and Kashmir

There is no doubt that Jammu and Kashmir are the most beautiful place on earth. Located on the top of the map this state is known as the paradise on earth. Rich in natural resources, one can find here forests, waterfalls, lakes, gardens and etc.

Srinagar is the heart of this paradise and Dal Lake add the sparkling charm to it. The ride of Shikara in Dal Lake increases the excitement of the tourists. While having the ride on shikara, one can see beauty of nature. This ride may help you to forget the stress of life. Covered with colorful flowers and mountains all around, Gulmarg is another destination to refresh the mind. In winter one can enjoy ice skiing here and you can find some shops where skiing equipments are available for the tourists.

Everyone who visits Jammu and Kashmir definitely go Vaishno Devi, the pilgrimage of Hindus. Every year devotees from all parts of the India visit the holy place and get the blessings of goddess Durga. A huge “Bhandara” is held there for the people, where all devotees eat the meal together.

Lohri, Baisakhi, Navratri and Shivratri are the popular festivals of jammu and Kashmir. Purmandal fair is held on the auspicious occasion of Shivratri where people celebrate the marriage of god Shiv and goddess Parvati.

Kokernag and verinag are the gracious waterfalls of this place. Most of the tourists visit there and get the pleasure.

Jammu and Kashmir is rich in art and craft. Tourists can explore a wide range of unique and beautiful masterpieces of their art. Kashmiri carpets and pashmina shawls are famous in the country. Moreover the embroidery work on clothes, wood carving fascinate the people.

Full Name : Jammu and Kashmir
Capital Summer : (May-October) - Srinagar / Winters(Novemenber-April)- Jammu
Languages : Urdu (Official Language), Kashmiri, Hindi, Dogri, Pahari, Ladakhi
Population approx : . 7,720,000
Location : Strategically located Jammu and Kashmir State constitutes the northern most extremity of India.
North Latitude : 32.17 degree - 36.58 degree
East Longitude : .26 degree - 80.30 degree
Area : 2,22,236 sq. km.
Number Of District : 14
Climate : Tropical in Jammu plains to semi-arctic cold in Ladakh with Kashmir and Jammu mountainous tracts having temperate climatic conditions.
Summer Max. : 39.9, Min.23.4; Winter Max.20.2, Min.4.5.
The annual rainfall also varies from region to region with 92.6 mm in Leh, 650.5 mm in Srinagar and 1115.9 mm in Jammu.
Roads : 9375 km with 3 National Highways.
Railways : Total railway track length is 72km spanning 7 stations
Rivers : Indus, Chenab, Jehlum and Raavi.
Domestic Airports : Jammu, Srinagar, Leh
Crops Barley, : Forest-produce, Fruit, Millets, Rice, Saffron, Wheat.
Minerals : Bauxite, Coal, Lignite, Sapphires. Semi-precious stones.
Industries : Carpet & Shawl, Handicrafts, Sericulture, Watches, wood-based industries. Famous for Apples and Tourism.
Best Season Jammu : - October To Februar
Kashmir : - May To October & November To February
Ladakh : - Mid June To September
Excursions Akhnoor :- 32 kms, Batote-113 kms, Kud-106 kms, Mansar Lake- 80 kms, Purmandal (Chhota Kashi)- 39 kms, Patnitop- 112 kms, Ramban-148 kms, Ramnagar- 102 kms, Sanasar-129 kms, Sudhmahadev- 120 kms, Surinsar Lake- 42 kms, Kishtwar High Altitude National Park- 248 kms.