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Maharashtra is wonderful place with unique culture and tradition. People of Maharashtra speak Marathi and English. Maharashtra offers beautiful tourists destinations and career to many people. Marathi people live simple life but Mumbai is a city of hustle bustle. There, people live fast life and one can notice new trends of fashion.

Mahabaleshwar is an enchanting hill station of Maharashtra which is full of peak points. Many tourists visit there; enjoy the sightseeing and boat rides in lakes. This hill satiation also offers horse riding. Foods shops are available there. In short mahabaleshwar is a good picnic spot. Khandala park and bhushi dam are the exciting places and tourists must visit there. Rainy season is the best time to visit there. Beaches in Maharashtra are famous in India. People go there with family and friends, play on the wet sand, make sand castles, drink coconut water and eat snacks. This is how they compete their day. Juhu chaupati is a popular spot, where a large number of people visit.

Shirdi is a holy place in Maharashtra, which spreads purity in the air of this state. Thousands of people from different state visit there and get the blessing of Sai Baba. Shirdi is a huge temple which provides all the facilities to the visitors.

Maharashtrian food has different characteristics. Vada Pao, bhel puri, pao bhaji, modak and poranpoli are the specialities of this beautiful state. Devotees offer modak to lord Ganesh on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. People celebrate other festivals like Janmashtmi and Navratri with pomp and show.