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Punjab is a beautiful place with mustered fields all around and flowing rivers. These rivers are the glorious parts of the Punjab. Punjabi people are fun loving people; they enjoy every moment of their life and spread the joy everywhere. Sutlej, Ravi, Beas, Chenab, Jhelum are the important part of the Punjab, they feed the field and have made the state prosperous. People of Punjab speak Punjabi, however Hindi and English also spoken by the native people. Punjab is divided into rural area and urban area.

Golden temple in Amritsar is a pilgrimage center of Sikh religion but people from all cast and creed visit there. Set on the center of lake this holy place gives peace of mind.

Bhakra Nangal dam is another touristís attraction place in Punjab. Made on Sutlej River, this giant dam fascinates the travelers. Rock garden of Chandigarh is an amazing place to visit. This garden is full of beautiful sculptures. Sukhna is an artificial lake of Chandigarh. Most of the tourists visit there and get fun. There are also some forts, museums, gardens, wild life sanctuaries and holy places to visit.

Punjab celebrates all hindu festivals with pomp and show. But Lohri and Baisakhi are the only festivals that Punjab celebrates in a grand manner comparing to the other parts of the country. Some fairs also held in Punjab which make the city colorful at night.

Punjabi people are foodie by nature. They love to eat spicy and deeply fried food. They serve a glass of Lassi instead of tea and coffee along with homemade snacks. Punjabi dhabhas are famous for its delicious food. One can enjoy it in every corner of Punjab. Chhole Bhathure, tandoori chicken and nan with butter are some famous dishes of Punjab.

In Punjab good options are available for shopping. Punjabi suits for women and kurta-pajama for men are highly desirable by the tourists. Punjabi phulkari work on clothes are famous and other interesting items are also available.

How To Get There
Air: Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab, is well connected by air with New Delhi. Indian Airlines and Vayudoot operate regular flights.
Rail: Buses ply quite frequently between Chandigarh and New Delhi ( 250 km ), and the trip takes about five hours.
Road: The superfast Shatabdi Express runs daily between Chandigarh and New Delhi.